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Hems Carrying Bag
Transport Backpack
Akja Windshield Cover

Our partners at Tyromont have created a state of the art rescue equipment:

TYROMONT Alpin Technik is a company specialized in manufacturing and trading with rescue equipment for the alpine terrain.

Since the foundation of the family business 65 years ago, we work closely with a variety of mountain rescue, ski patrol and air rescue organizations and have earned a leading name for alpine rescue equipment. Worldwide more than 150 organizations in all continents use TYROMONT equipment. 
Applications for our TYROMONT products are all alpine rescue operations in summer and winter, air rescue, disaster operations, work safety and various technical operations.
The most famous product of TYROMONT is the Akja rescue sledge. Since its launch in 1948 it was built in various stages of evolution and model variations over 10,000 times and probably should be the world's most popular mountain rescue unit.
Even in the age of the helicopter and of snow cats as snowmobiles and quads the Akja remains the core unit of the ski patrol.

The product range also includes:

  • rescue trailer and trailer systems

  • mountain stretchers

  • rescue and injured bags

  • immobilization products

  • helicopter rescue bags

  • height rescue devices

  • 2- and 3-pods

  • winches

  • various accessoires

Especially the helicopter rescue bags have become an essential part of TYROMONT in recent years. Building on decades of partnership with the Austrian ÖAMTC Christophorus organization nowadays most leading European air ambulance companies rely on TYROMONT mountain bags and vacuum mattresses. In addition to the air ambulance in alpine terrain our rescue bag systems are also used for example in the recovery of injured persons on oil platforms in the North Sea and on wind power plants in Northern Germany.

The company currently employs at its location in Thaur / Tyrol 12 employees who are mostly involved in the in-house locksmith workshop and sewing department.

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